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Creating Connections - to a certain extent our firms philosophy......
The rapid technological change in the IT market constantly produces a chain of new standards, in order to connect the computer with its outside world. New interfaces are not always born out of generational changes, but also the evolution of data carriers brings new formats, which need to be adapted and changed to common standards.  There is perpetual movement in the area consisting of cables, plugs, adapter, converter etc.:


MIDI to USB Converter

USB MIDI INTERFACE for laptops and desktop computers - the simplest way to let your musical instrument communicate via MIDI interface with your computer. Use your computer for data protection of your sound files, arrangement etc. or by means of a sequencer program for composing your own songs

2m length   No.: CVUM111

Jack to USB Converter

Jack to USB cable enables recording of analog E-instruments such as guitar, bass, analog keyboards or the like, to the sequencer of your computer. The cable using it´s own Analog/Digital converter produces a studio quality audio signals with 16-Bit 44,1 kHz resolution. The recognition as audio device takes place via the respective operating systems, Mac or PC-own standard driver.

5m length   No.: CVUA113

XLR to USB Converter

XLR to USB cable enables recording of vocals or acoustic instruments by means of dynamic microphones via USB port directly into the sequencer of the computer. The cable using it´s own Analog/Digital converter produces a studio quality audio signals with 16-Bit 44,1 kHz resolution.

5 m length   No.: CVUA114

USB Link and Extension Cable

USB 2.0 cable (A to B) for digital instruments and Multimedia devices with USB device port to connect to your computer. All cables are double screened as well as having downward compatible to USB 1.1 and 1.0

7m length   No.: CBUS220
0,2m length   No.: CBUS210

In order to achieve a stable data transfer beyond 5m, we offer alongside our passive cable extensions, active USB extensions. (with a line amplifier)

5m length (wie Abb.)  No.:CBUS213


USB Line Extender - Extention up to 60m

The cable length for USB devices amounts to max. 10m. With this format converter set you can achieve with assistance of commercial CAT5 or CAT6 cables transmission paths up to 60m. You connect one adapter to your instrument or desired USB device (printer, scanner, Webcam...), the other adapter to your computer. The two network adaptors ports are then connected by standard Ethernet cable. (100mbit/1Gbit).  - no drivers are necessary
-for Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista und Mac OS 9.X/10.X

No.: CBUS210

USB Gooseneck Lamp

Whether on stage or in the studio - reading a score or program list in the dark, or you can hardly see your keyboard? No problem: Attach simply a USB goose neck lamp at the USB device port of your keyboard or notebook. It does not need a separate electrical power supply. The LED source of light can be bent by means of the goose neck into every conceivable position.
-3 LED
-bus powered

No.: CBLA612

USB 4-Port Mini Hub

USB 4-port mini hub has four USB device connections, which enables a simple link for USB 1.1 - and USB 2.0-equipment  in Plug and Play mode. There can up to four USB 1.1 - and 2.0-devices be attached to your computer at any time. For example an iPod or other MP3-Player, digital cameras or printers. The hub can be stowed away comfortably in a side pocket of a laptop bag and is therefore an ideal travel companion.

No.: CBLA614


FireWire 800 Cable

"Firewire 800" or IEEE 1394b-transmission protocol, allows Firewire 9-pin interfaces to transmit digital data with a rate from up to 800 Mbit/s. Unbuffered, data can only be transferred over Firewire-Lines of max. 4,5m cable length. For a further 4,5m we offer a line amplifier (repeater). Firewire 800 is downward compatible and allows likewise a connection to Firewire 400 with appropriate cable connection (9:6, 9:4) however with a reduced data transmission rate.
- Specifications : 9-pole-plug to 9-pole-plug
- Data transfer rate up to 800 Mbps

5m length   No.: CFW9115
1m length   No.: CFW9110

FireWire 800 Extension

Firewire 800 active cable extension (IEEE 1394b) 9-pin repeater - bus powered - 5m length. For safe data transfer over 4,5m cable length a line amplifier (repeater) is required. This enables a further 5m transfer length. These are cascadeable up to 10 times.

5m length   No.: CFW-5M


FireWire 800 Repeater

The Firewire repeater regenerates its signal and extends a Firewire line around 4,5m without additional current supply. So a distance of up to 45 m can be achieved by the combination of several repeaters and cables.

FW800 Repeater No.: CFWR

FireWire 800 Hub

The Firewire 800 4-port hub offers a small P2P (Peer to Peer) Firewire network with 4 links, which supports a flow-rate of up to 800 Mbit/s to you. This hub enables perfect connections from your computer to your Firewire memory systems and appropriate multimedia devices. The hub serves also as a repeater, so that Firewire devices with an additional distance of 4, 5 meters to the repeater can be attached. The linking of devices over 9-polige Firewire cable (also 9:6, 9: 4) enables the current supply over the hub for the simplification of installation and operation. Since the IEEE1394-protocol is downward compatible, Firewire 400-devices can also be attached to the network.

FW800 Hub   No.: CFWH4


HPDB68 Cable

U2-SCSI and U3-SCSI are a further developed protocols of the SCSI interface, that at the end of the 90s in particular was the 1st choice connector between studio interfaces. Insofar as rate and reliability there was no alternative at that time. A maximum of sixteen peripheral devices could be connected to another in a chain (daisy chain) such as hard disks, CD-/DVD-drives, burners, streamer and scanners to the HPDSubSCSI interface in 16-bit transfer mode (68-pin-cables Ultra2Wide/U160 SCSI). The transfer rate amounts here up to 80MB/s (160MB/s with U160). Most hard disk recorders and digital audio workstations of the 90s were configured with such an interface. The maximum length of the chain is 12 m and has to be terminated at both ends.

HPDB68 on VHDCI Cable, 1m length   No.: CBSC320

HPDB50/C50 Cable

SCSI is a standardised parallel interface for appropriate peripheral devices for data communication with a computer system. A maximum of eight peripheral devices can be attached in the 8-bit transfer mode (50-pin-cables Ultra2 SCSI) for example hard disks, CD-/DVD-drives, burners, streamer and scanners in a connecting chain (daisy chain) The transfer rate amounts up to 40MB/s. Most samplers and workstation keyboards in the 90s were configured with such an interface. The maximum length of the chain is 12 m and must be terminated at both ends.

HPDB50 to Centronics 50-pin, 2m length   No.: CBSC315

SCSI Terminator

Due to the SCSI bus system both ends of the cable must be terminated. Without the correct termination it can lead to incorrect data communication or even hardware defects. Active terminators operate with an integrated voltage regulator and keep the terminator power lines at a constant level of 2.85 V.

SCSI Terminator C50, aktiv   No.: CBTM411

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