Storage Solutions for Notebooks

The life we live is ever becoming easier, at least in regard to mobile computers and their peripheral devices. Even large audio and video files can easily be stored and transported, and due to today's memory and interface technology can be transfered, edited or sent to achive quick and safely.

Flash & RAM

Notebook memory

The Kingston Value RAM is a 4GB DDR3-Module (PC3-8500, CL7) for systems with a storage ATS of up to 1066MHz. Specially for installation in small systems and notebooks the module has a particularly narrow S0-DIMM-Form Factor with 204-Pin pin board.
SO-DIMM 4096MB PC3-8500 (1066MHz) Mac Book / Mac Book Pro

2GB Module   No.: RASO511
4GB Module   No.: RASO512

SSDs, internal/external

The Crucial M225-SSD, with 128 GB capacity, captivates with a read rate of up to 250 MB/s or write rate of up to 200 MB/s. This modification of a Mac Book or a Mac Book Pro with the latest technology is recommended in particular for mobile applications in extreme environments, in which strong vibrations or temperature differences can occur. This drive is specially suited to such conditions. Furthermore the SATA SSD is characterized by minimal boot times as well as low heat and low noise properties.

No.: SD2I211

Flash Memory Cards

Particularly in multimedia devices flash cards are increasingly used for data storage. With photo and video camera formats especially Compact Flash and Secure Digital (SD) cards have become generally accepted as the standard. For mobile phones, PDAs etc. SD-Sub formats like MiniSD, Micro SD and MMC are for the majority the current choice. All formats, including older ones like Smart Media or xD Picture Cards can be read directly or by means of the appropriate adapters over the Multi Card Reader via USB interface to send or receive data to/from Macintosh or PC. The size to capacitance ratio of these formats is unsurpassed.

No.: 512MB CF-FLCF211, 4GB CF-FLCF214, 16GB CF-FLCF223, 1GB SD-FLSD312, 8GB SD-FLSD317, 32GB SD-FLSD323, Multi Card Reader-FKMC512

USB Sticks

Simply drag and drop - and all your desired files are stored on the Data Traveler I G2: Reports, pictures, tables or other important documents. The Data Traveler I G2 can be used with practically every device with an USB interface, even for data transfer between Macintosh and PC or in reverse. The Data Traveler I G2 is available in different colors, dependent on the storage capacity. Kingston USB sticks offer an excellent price-performance ratio with the highest compatibility. Due to the use of high-quality components Kingston storage media are particularly reliable.

No.: 2GB- FLUS114, 4GB- FLUS118, 8GB- FLUS116, 16GB- FLUS117, 32GB- FLUS120 

Hard Disks & Chassis

FireWire/USB Hard Disks

Western Digital My Passport Studio 500GB portable FW/USB was developed for MAC users and comes with Firewire 800 and mini USB 2.0 connectors. The compact external fixed disk can store 500GB of data, possessing a 4  LED capacity display and can be connected to nearly every PC or laptop. Because of the fast links larger quantities of data can be transferred immediately and Apple Time Machine is also supported. The system supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista and MacOS X starting from version 10.4.11 inclusive Apple Time Machine, Mac formatted.

No.: HD2E32

Desktop Docks

The desktop dock offers a flexible, universal solution for large SATA hard disks, can dock nearly every computer in every situation. The integrated screw less SATA rack offers for each 3.5" SATA hard disk an ideal connection to the Firewire Quad Bridgeboard (Oxford 934 Controller: 1394B, 1394A, USB2.0, eSATA), in order to connect the interface to the computer of choice.

No.: HDTT111

Multi Ports

Beyond the possibility of connecting a SATA hard disk (2.5" or 3.5") quick and easy to your computer without annoying, tinkering or complicated installing of drivers, the MULTI-PORT XL  offers additionally another USB front hub with two port as well as a card reader, which supports the formats SD, SDHC and MMC/MS. The notebook or computer is connected either by USB or a high speed eSATA interface. The additional attraction of the MULTI-PORT XLAN is the LAN port, enabling all data in the used storage media to be made immediately available in the network. The enclosed software enables full NDAS functionality.

No.: HDDD322


Notebook Controllers

FW800 EC34 dual, eSATA EC34 dual port connectivity? Current notebooks usually have as a rule an express Card 34 Port. This enables data to be transferred at the appropriate bus rate by means of various interface controllers. Thus opening the option for such mobile computer to read or write data from/to mass storage devices while "on the road". Up to 10 hard disks can be administered by the notebook with the help of a dual eSATA Controller, assuming that the 2 lines are connected with the 2 Port Multiplier Bridge Board of the device.

FW800 EC34 DualNo.: HBAEC34F8
eSATA EC34 Dual   No.: HBAEC34ES 

USB Drives

USB Floppy Disk Drives

The USB floppy drive, a storage relic from the last century, is frequently used for
HD diskettes, particularly for the transfer of old files in special applications. It still does a good service today in some situations.

No.: DFDI111

USB Optical Drives

Namely USB CD ROM Slim / USB DVD Combo drives as versatile optical media is business standard particularly in the multimedia production market. Easy to use, such practical data carrier is the way with mobility for : Picture or sound files, software applications, operating systems or special programs, which can be integrated into your work routine regardless of your whereabouts. If you need an additional drive for  “the road" or out of the office USB Slim Drives provide the convenient solution.

USB CD ROM Slim  No.: DROE311
USB DVD Combo Slim  No.: DRWE51

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