Welcome to “Storage City”

The efficient usage of digital storage media in the field of music-, speech- or movie-production has been our passion for many years. Our focus is on serving vintage electronic instruments as well as supporting broadcast and movie productions - everything under the aspect of choosing the right data storage solution for our customers!

The permanently growing interest proves to us that our mission "Connecting Technologies" which we find materialized in the fusion of creative media work and thoughtful application of storage technology is widely accepted by our customers. Selecting and defining compatible and dedicated storage solutions for the individual application is our philosophy based on our complex know how in both areas: Music and IT.

Products@Work: A typical working day for the NDR outside broadcasting unit
The NDR outside broadcast unit comprises of several small and 3 large OB vehicles in which miscellaneous live shows and also productions are first recorded but then edited and finally cut for broadcasting...

3 New PROAVIO Tools   ►

EB400CR   E500FR     IS316JS

From HD to 4K, the IS316JS is the best storage solution for high resolution media formats such as DPX, RED R3D, ARRIRAW, uncompressed HD, DSLR RAW and more...

E800MS: When desktop space is limited, the Enhance Box E800MS has the smallest footprint, yet is stylish to meet the needs...►

Product News: iStoragePro
iStoragePro enclosures provide the perfect storage solution for every professional audio and video production environment, where smooth workflow and quiet atmosphere is required. Not only the outstanding features, high quality standard and overwhelming transfer speed but also the price is remarkable.