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Videomaker - ProAvio EB8MS - February 2009

The Stacker
Professionals agree that disk speed is the biggest bottleneck in any computer system. Power-hungry users – video professionals included - eagerly snap up computers with fast buses, as well as fast disks. Proavio has capitalized on the ability to pair a fast bus...

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Macworld AUS - ProAvio EB8MS - June 2008

High performance storage
Not so much about space, but about time.  

Just in case you thought all SATA controllers are the same, our test proved that the HighPoint Rocket RAID 3522 included with the PROAVIO box is in a different league. The PROAVIO/ HighPoint combination whipped all the other drives to a virtual standstill in comparison, beating the next best drive by a factor of six in RAID 5 configuration. In fact the PROAVIO running in RAID 0 mode was still three times as fast as the next fastest RAID 5 drive. The only downside with any of these drives is that you can't get the performance without adding an interface card to your Macintosh...  

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Macworld UK - ProAvio EB8MS - December 08

RAID arrays under £1000
ProAvio EditBox 8PM  
Enhance's ProAvio range of arrays is aimed at demanding video and audio work, and squeezes in at the upper end of our price range. While the EditBox 5PM is all but identical to the Sonnet Fusion 500P, it's priced competitively when filled with enterprise-quality disks such as the Seagate Barracuda ES - the EditBox 8PM really is something else.

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Macuser UK - ProAvio EB8PM - May 07

editBOX EB8MS review
High performance storage that’s about space and time
Sometimes it’s not so much a matter of storage space, as how quickly you can fill the space with data. This is particularly the case with video editing. You still need lots of space but more importantly you need to be able to get the video on and off the drive at high speed.

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