The most flexible Storage System


With the OMNI RACK Series, C-LAB is about to launch a storage system which allows every professional customer to virtually create his "own" storage basis. Designed to accompany the daily project work for media production people, the system will also easily apply for any production job in the industry when fast and secure data handling is required.

Unique features of the System are...

- its open architecture - the independent determination of drive and interface components i.e. trayless hdd frames, 5.25" Drive Bays with multi drive slots such as Slim OD, 2,5" HDDs, Flash Card Readers ..., Sonnet QIO MR Professional Multi Flash Card Bay for Panasonic P2, Sony SxS, CF and SDHC Cards or even Tape Drives...


The Basis
1.5 U 19" Rack
                 2 Master Drive Bays & Interface Slots
                 180W PSU, autoswitch, PFC
                 whisper quiet Maglev 6cm Fan

Components Choices

Trayless Rack
for 2 x 3,5" SATA Harddisks per Drive Bay

Harddisk Tray
for 4 x 2,5" SATA Harddisks per Drive Bay

Sonnet QIO MR
Professional Multi Flash Card Bay
Panasonic P2, Sony SXS, CF, SDHC etc.

Interface Choices

Firewire 800 Quad RAID 5
USB, eSATA, FW400, FW800
4 Devices
Hard RAID 5

Firewire 800 RAID 0/1
USB, FW400, FW800
2 Devices
Hard RAID 0/1

eSATA/ Port Multiplier
4 Devices
(RAID5 via RR2314)

MiniSAS (SFF-8470)
4 Devices
(RAID 5 via HBA RR2322)

3 Turnkey Solutions

- its sophisticated handling as the easy swap of HDD RAID groups via trayless hdd frames, the lightning fast change of RAID modes or the switchable interface board - all of this goes without using the OS or GUI - just by simply pushing a button...

 - its cost-saving expandability while the storage requirements grow just by adding a slave rack.

 The OMNI RACK System can - besides doing a multitude of studio jobs -  be a reliable companion for travelling AV producers, camera people, TV journalists and maybe your next irresistable "production mate" to support your workflow at home or on the road?

Optional Features
RAID Master Configurator (RMC)
                 2nd Interface Board (A/B Switch Front)
                 Slave Expansion Rack (5V/12V via Speakon Socket)

OMNI Rack – with Sonnet QIO MR and a 4x2,5"HDD RAID 5 System, perfectly equipped for mobile video productions.

Double the overall capacity up to 16 TB and maximize the performance of your storage system by adding an OMNI Rack as a slave rack (eSATA Port Multiplier > 500MB/s Datatransferrate).

Choose the interface combination you need to optimize the workflow in your personal production environment.

RAID Master Configurator (RMC) – select the RAID Mode or the interface you need within seconds.

FireWire800 Quad RAID 5, Oxford 936

FireWire800 RAID 0/1, Oxford 934

eSATA / Port Multiplier

MiniSAS (SFF-8470)